Create better marketing &
design work.

Work Right Now: You have journey maps, personas and other artifacts, as well as research and data, all in separate systems. Everything is siloed and outcomes don't get buy-in.

Work With Hirundin: Research and insight is centralised, connected & collated, and is powered by proven scientific systems with design thinking. Plus, the people upstairs love & sign off your work.

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Scientific Process Meets Design Thinking

A bespoke suite of tools to help you build empathy with customers, define their challenges, and ideate, prototype and test solutions.

Design using dependable, reliable processes to create change and develop solutions faster than the competition.

Connected Customer Insight Artifacts

You need more than just design artifacts; you want to see and build connections between journeys, personas, research and outcomes.

Hirundin helps you build your business around your customers and their needs more than anyone else.

Customer Personas

Develop validated personas built from real user experiences which help you understand users and gain buy-in for work.

Build personas around common themes in experience from user studies and research.

Journey Maps

Visualize your customers' journeys to build empathy through understanding their experiences across channels.

Create beautiful maps, illuminating the details that matter to your team and customers.

Research Insights & Hypothesis Validation

Observe, hypothesise, validate & disprove ideas and take actions based using proven scientific principles.

Create informed tests with buy-in across the organisation, and drive real change with the results.